HTTP Header Check

Use this server header check tool to validate the server settings for your web site. This tools allow you to inspect HTTP and HTTPS headers that the web server returns when requesting a URL. For the benefit of search engine indexing there are several response codes you should carefully inspect.

Resolve Hostname

The term hostname will vary according to the naming system in question. For our purposes hostnames are human-readable domain names. Sometimes these hostnames are assigned to another hostname or an IP address. This program will attempt to find the true hostname and IP address.

Spam List Check

This tool allows you to query a number of spam-block and server boycott lists with an IP address you specify to try and ascertain if the IP address is listed as a known spammer or an open mail relay. This can be useful if you need to check the authenticity of logs or emails.

Site Speed Test

This tool allows you to determine the server speed, page size etc of the url link entered.

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